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AOL People by Tau

Updated: 4.10.01
Thirty-seven more people have been added to the AOL People section. Total number of AOL People: 594.

Not on AOL People? Submit a Profile.

Internal AMP

Viowatch's newest AMP of internal AOL areas. New Read Me.

AOL People by Tau

Updated: 4.2.01
Twenty more profiles have been added to the AOL People section. Total number of AOL People so far: 360.

Not on the AOL People section? Submit an Interview.

AOL Mail Loophole by Tau

A recent AOL Mail loophole discovered by Craig let him and others send mail from any AOL screen name.

Tools by BMB and Ranma

A new version of VPD for K2 is up thanks to Viowatch. It fixes the font problem that existed in all version of VPD from 4.0 on.

Ranma's first contributions to AOL-Files are 5 international versions of the the Star Tool for 5.0 and 3.0

How to write TOD Files

Lummox explains the uses of TOD files as well as how to program your own.

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