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Inverview taken on: 1/9/01

What is your primary handle? Tom
What are your current AIM screen names? ConselorTom
What is your e-mail address?
What is your real name? Tom
Where do you live? New Jersey
How old are you? 16
What are your hobbies? hockey, shooting, paintball, computers, etc. Shooting = shotgun shooting and precision rifle. A gun is a handy thing. No one robs your house once you got one hanging within sight through your front window.
What do you hope to do as a profession? Network Administrator/Manager or security analyst. Eventually to be a technical manager of some sort
How long have you been on AOL? 3 years total, but I've only been doing something significant for the past year and a half.
How much time do you think you spend online each day? Varies a lot... sometimes I don't get on at all, other times I could be on for 6 hours at a time. It depends on what I'm doing that day.
What programming languages are you familiar with? Familiar with Visual Basic... HTML, if you count that as a programming language
What do you spend most of your time online doing? I used to do a lot of technical stuff, but now most of my time gets consumed talking to people.
Who are your good friends online? artem, volt, dolan, tau, bmb, O0O, trident, kenton, khufu, glitch, and rich

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