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What is your primary handle? Phyzik
What are your current AIM screen names? Phyzik
Do you have a web site? Sometimes
What is your real name? Phyzik
Where do you live? CA
How old are you? 17
What are your hobbies? Programming, Quake 3
How would you describe your physical appearance?
What do you hope to do as a profession? Programmer
How long have you been on AOL? Since 3.0 was first released
How much time do you think you spend online each day? 5 - 10hrs
What programming languages are you familiar with? VB/C++/ASP
What do you spend most of your time online doing?
Who are your good friends online? ZO(the real one, not the AOL-Files one), 48, Sean, Lag, Neuro, Net, YZ, Nyce, Fizik, Scix, and a special fuck you to the these lamers: Hi Tech, Fury & Nev(Saio)

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