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Profile submitted on: 4/10/01

What is your primary handle? King
What are your current AIM screen names? Dont wory about it
Do you have a web site? no
What is your real name? Mike Parker
Where do you live? Brookyln NY
How old are you? 15
What are your hobbies? I used to be into hacking. i hacked madd ShiT. Then when these new kids started coming and like taking over the scene, i just bounced and never came back, i still dont/cant do half the shit i used to
How would you describe your physical appearance? I am 5-11. Dark brown hair, blue eyes, 150 lbs.
What do you hope to do as a profession? I hope to be a worker for America Online Tele-Marketing, I enjoy disturbing people while they are eating n shit
How long have you been on AOL? since i was about 8 1/2
How much time do you think you spend online each day? Now about 1-2 hours when im not outside chillin.
What programming languages are you familiar with? aLot
What do you spend most of your time online doing? Talking to friends, shit like dat Who WERE your good friends online? I used to be friends with most of the big people. TK, cam0, mage, p0, rap, fury, nautis, coco, garret, and alot of others. if i forgot u, my badd

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