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Profile submitted on: 4/19/01

What is your primary handle? Jazz
What are your current AIM screen names? N/A
Do you have a web site? None
What is your real name? Charles
Where do you live? Washington
How old are you? 25
What are your hobbies? Jazz music
How would you describe your physical appearance? Like most AOLers, F-A-T.
What do you hope to do as a profession? sleep
How long have you been on AOL? I've used the handle " Jazz " and " The Lord " since 1995.
How much time do you think you spend online each day? I'm not online every day. When I am it's minimal, to abuse Dr Seduce by calling him rj2. :)
What programming languages are you familiar with? A little bit of VB.
What do you spend most of your time online doing? Looking at gay midget porn.
Who are your good friends online? Tabitha, my fiance, with whom I live with. Juice, Liite, Linx, Bomb aka TG, slider, uFo, Info, kgb, kurup, qLitch, hype, rezin, reid, krayon, ed, keith, my soon-to-be brother-in-law Kokaine aka Fat Ronnie, and TOSAdvisor. :) sorry everyone else. ;)

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