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What is your primary handle? Cee
What are your current AIM screen names? Promise, Munchkin
What is your e-mail address?
Do you have a web site?
What is your real name? Chauncy
Where do you live? New Mexico
How old are you? 16
What are your hobbies? skating sup :P
How would you describe your physical appearance? uh, short, blonde + pink hair, green eyes, um.. yea :]
What do you hope to do as a profession? be a veternarian
How long have you been on AOL? too long like 4 years :[
How much time do you think you spend online each day? like, 6 hours :[ lol
What programming languages are you familiar with? vb, some :P
What do you spend most of your time online doing? talkin to my bf God :P
Who are your good friends online? Jesse aka God, Jen, Magz, Dave, Ty.. hm.. not too many good friends huh? :]

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