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Good Evening May 16, '07

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Jerry Falwell

Christian Right
Crusader Dies

Falwell Founded Moral Majority
How Do You Remember Him?

Boycott or Not, Gas Prices Jump
See Which States Hit Record Highs

On-Demand News Videos
She Survives Internal Decapitation
Thefts of Pricey Puppies Rise
Next in Entertainment: 25 Saddest Songs Ever
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Watch and Listen

Viral Video
Professor vs. Cell Phone
Angry Professor
He slams a student's cell phone: See Clip
AOL Music
Rihanna, 'Umbrella'
Rihanna hooks up with Jay-Z in latest: Watch
'People's Court'
'People's Court'
Plaintiff is suing for a prom dress: Episode
Listen to:

XM Highway 16: Carrie Underwood, Rascal Flatts

XM HitList: Justin Timberlake, Gwen Stefani, Fergie

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Around Town

Around Town

Pups on Parade!

Animal PageantsTake a photo tour of 11
animal pageants, from
not-so-pretty pooches
to athletic cats.
Wild Animal Contests

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AOL Sports Coverage

Ryan Zimmerman
Nationals on the Rise

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