What are class names?
by Tau

A class name is a name given to a window. Every window on your screen has an identity. This identity composes of a number and a name. This name is more specifically called a class name. For example, if you are in AOL currently find an icon (anything that has a picture and you can click it and it will bring you to something else; e.g. "Read", "Write", "IM", "Buddy Chat", et cetera. The icon you have chosen, and every other, has the class name "_AOL_Icon". In this tutorial we will focus on the class name, not the number because the number is different for everything and changes.

This tutorial lists the surfeit of AOL class names and each has a brief descripting and a picture example.

Class Hierarchy

Class Name
Picture Example

AOL Frame25


The entire AOL window's class name is "AOL Frame25". Most of the following windows in this list are sub windows of the AOL window.


The _AOL_Modal is a specific type of window that shows up when AOL wants you to make a decision before continuing on with what you are doing. There are numerous examples of this: the idle message(shown), the Mail and Chat Preferences windows, and the "Your mail has been sent" window.


The only example I am aware of for _AOL_Splash is the initiating screen when first loading AOL.



This window is the window in the back of AOL. It is basically the window that starts below the Keyword field and ends at the bottom of AOL. It's default color is dark gray.

AOL Toolbar


The AOL Toolbar holds all of the buttons at the top of AOL. The toolbar contains the icons, navigate buttons, keyword field, and misc. buttons.

AOL Child


Every window in AOL that has a minimize, maximize, and a close button is an AOL Child.


The RICHCNTL is any text box that you can type in with the ability of showing colors. Some examples are: the chat conversation box(shown), the IM conversation box, and the "Message" area on the "Write Mail" screen.



The _AOL_Edit is also a box you can type in but without the ability of showing colors. Some examples are: the "To" field of the "Send an Instant Message" window and the "Subject" area of the "Write Mail" window.



The _AOL_Checkbox is any check box or option(ratio) button in AOL. You can see many examples of these by looking at your AOL preferences (My AOL | Preferences).



An _AOL_Icon is any button in AOL. It will usually have a 3D-Image effect, meaning that it will have the appearance of moving down, when clicking on it with your mouse.


The most famous of all _AOL_Glyph is the one shown at the right which appears at the top right hand corner of AOL.


Probably the most common window in AOL is the _AOL_Static. _AOL_Static is characterized by containing text, and not being able to edit that text.


_AOL_Images contain pictures, sometimes moving, sometimes not. Most banners are _AOL_Images


_AOL_Listboxs either contains information that the user must choose from while viewing the rest of the items too or just displays information.


_AOL_Comboboxes are like _AOL_Listboxs in that you can choose from an item in a list. However with combo boxes only the select item appears to the user.


_AOL_Gauges show the progress of something. Usually file transfers.


_AOL_TabControl is the set of tabs at the top of a screen where you choose from one.


_AOL_TabPage is the enire window you view after clicking an _AOL_TabControl. Keep in mind. The _AOL_TabControl is the buttons at the top, the _AOL_TabPage is window that contains everything after clicking the _AOL_TabControl.


Edit is not really an AOL window but more of a general window. The most common place in AOL is the Keyword field.


#32768 is the class name of message boxes and menus


When AVI files are played in AOL the window the movie plays in is the _AOL_AVI.



An animated GIF.


Just a regular button. Usually in message boxes and the like.

Shell Embedding
Shell DocObject View


These windows are all windows dealing with web pages. _AOL_WWWView is the web window itself.




All of these windows are top level windows just like AOL except _AOL_MMI. If you are using AOL most these are all open now. I'm not sure on the functions of all these are and I dont think they pose much use.

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